What is the Polk County Weekend Work Release Program. How does Polk County “Weekend Work Release” operate.


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Polk County’s “Weekend Work Release” is an alternative sentencing program offered by the Polk County Jail.  Instead of serving a Polk jail sentence in jail, you may be eligible to serve your sentence on the weekends.  This is something you need your PolkCounty criminal defense lawyer to negotiate for you with the prosecutor or criminal court.  Instead of serving your time on the weekends so that you do not miss any work and can keep your job.

The rules of the Polk Weekend Work Release program are as follows:

  1. You must report to the Polk County Jail Stockade at 2466 Clower Lane East, Bartow, by no later than 7:45 a.m. and stay until 5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. (phone No.:519-4707).  Sometimes, a defense attorney can negotiate that you serve your time only one day per weekend.
  2. You are not to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or hung over.  You would be surprised how many people do show up in this state!
  3. You are to bring $20.00 each day to pay toward the cost of your supervision.
  4. You are to bring a sack-lunch each day.
  5. You must satisfactorily do the work that the deputy sheriff at the Polk County Jail assigns to you.
  6. There are no unexcused absences, because, this program is a privilege.
  7. Any explanation of an unexcused absence must be accompanied by emergency room medical records, obituary and funeral notes, or other confirmation documentation. Without such document an explanation will not be heard or considered.
  8. You are not to call the judge’s secretary to try to change any of the above conditions.


Any violations of these conditions will result in you having to do your Polk county jail time as straight time.  That means that if you were sentenced to 20 days weekend work release, and mess up, arrive late, do not do the work, or violate the program rules in any way, the deputies will take you into custody and you WILL serve your time in jail for the remainder of your sentence and WILL be taken into custody immediately.  If you do not appear for your weekend work release, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

weekend work release

Having to work at your regular job on Saturday or Sunday is not a valid excuse for missing any work release.

Call and speak to Thomas C. Grajek, an experienced Polk county criminal defense attorney, to see if you qualify for this program and whether this program may keep you out of jail and save your job.

Also, if you have violated your Polk Weekend Work Release and there is a warrant outstanding for your arrest, call an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to learn what option are available to you.


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How do I get work release from jail?

To get work release from jail you will need to meet the criteria laid down in the state in which you are incarcerated. For example, in Florida, if you are a male who has no history of escape attempts you may be evaluated for the suitability to work release during the last 10 months of your sentence. Certain kinds of offenders cannot be considered for the program regardless of good behavior. Weekend work release schemes are run under a different regime and have their own criteria.

What happens if you violate work release?

In the eyes of the law while you are on work release you are still categorized as a prisoner. So not complying with the terms of your work release is considered serious and will be treated as a felony crime. You will also lose the privilege to serve out your sentence under work release terms, which means going back to jail. You will also not qualify for further work release programs.

How does work release work in Florida?

In Florida, there are two kinds of work release. For less serious offenses it may be possible to serve your entire sentence via a weekend work release program. You need to report to the prison at the prescribed time, do the tasks assigned to you to a high standard, and behave appropriately. The other form of work release is available to well-behaved prisoners who are nearing the end of their sentence. They go to a secured workspace to carry out their duties.