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With a population of well 3 million people, the Tampa Bay area is certainly a major economic center in West Florida. The economic pull of this region is evident in Tampa, an important tourist and business hub within the larger bay area.

 While you won’t deny that living in this beautiful metropolitan region is gratifying, you can still find yourself on the wrong side of the law quite unexpectedly. The law ensures that there’s order in a densely populated region like the Tampa Bay area.

However, you should ensure you get fair treatment from the legal system. Luckily, hiring a Tampa Bay law firm ensures that your rights are protected when dealing with the law.

When Do You Need to Call a Law Firm in Tampa Bay

As a Tampa Bay resident, situations can arise that can compel you to seek legal services from a competent and professional Bay area attorney. These services can range from expert legal advice on legal matters to legal representation in a court of law.

Situations in which you can benefit immensely from expert legal counsel include: –

Filing a Lawsuit

Incidences at work, at home, or while in public can result in harm to your person, an outcome that often necessitates that you hire a lawyer in your quest for compensation.

Lawsuits you can file in court with help from an experienced Tampa Bay attorney include: –

  •   Personal Injury Lawsuits, with notable examples being a car accident lawsuit, a slip-and-fall accident lawsuit, bicycle accidents,  motorcycle accidents, etc.
  •   Worker Compensation Lawsuits for injuries sustained while on the job
  •   Class Action Lawsuits, for products/services that fall short of industry standards, e.g., medical malpractice lawsuits, defective product/service recall lawsuits, etc.

Signing a Contract

 Signing a contract legally binds you to the terms set out in the document, making you liable for legal penalties when you breach even the smallest clause contained therein.

Examples of contracts that can contain ambiguous clauses include:  

  •   Employee contracts
  •   Product/Service purchase contracts, e.g., lease-purchase contacts, hire purchase agreements, etc
  •   Real Estate Purchase/Sale agreements
  •   Loan agreements
  •   Mortgage contracts
  •   Tender documents and a myriad other legal contracts

The real threat of legal action is why you should always seek expert legal counsel before signing any contract whose terms are not explicitly clear.

 Family Legal Issues

While undesirable, it is sometimes necessary to sort out family issues in court.

Such an outcome typically means hiring a competent lawyer to represent you in divorce, inheritance, adoption, and other family-related litigation proceedings.

Criminal Cases

When accused of committing a crime, you have no choice but to seek the services of a capable defense attorney.

In Florida, criminal offenses fall into three categories, i.e., Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Infractions


You commit an infraction whenever you violate local authority regulations, ordinances, and codes.

Common infractions you might be charged with in Tampa include: –

  •   Traffic violations, e.g., overspeeding, failure to stop at a red light, unlawful parking, etc.
  •   Littering
  •   Unlicensed fishing
  •   Jaywalking
  •   Drinking in public
  •   Walking an unleashed dog and myriad other minor offenses.

Fortunately, most infractions are rarely punished with incarceration unless complicating factors exist that warrant arrest.

However, do not hesitate to contact a Tampa Bay attorney if you feel that an infarction charge is unwarranted.


When you are charged with a misdemeanor, you can end up serving up to 1 year behind bars.

Common misdemeanors that you can be charged with in Tampa Bay include: –

  •   Traffic violations that occur while intoxicated, i.e.,  Driving-Under-Influence(DUI)
  •   Assault and Battery
  •   Theft or Larceny
  •   Drug Possession
  •   Obscenity or Public Indecency and a  myriad other more serious offenses

Luckily, hiring a Tampa Bar defense attorney can ensure that you only pay a fine and avoid a term in prison.


A felony charge means you will spend at least 1 year in prison.

Felonies you can be charged with, the corresponding felony category and jail time you can expect to serve are as follows: –

  •   Murder-first degree, i.e., up to 30 years
  •   Arson-first degree, i.e., up to 30 years
  •   Manslaughter-second degree, i.e., up to 15 years
  •   Burglary-first degree, i.e., up to 30 years
  •   Sexual Assault-first degree, i.e., up to 30 years
  •   Forgery-second degree, i.e., up to 15 years
  •   Gun possession-third degree, i.e., up to 5 years

 Fortunately, hiring a competent defense lawyer can mean the difference between serving the maximum prison term for the offense and receiving a short suspended sentence with probation.

 How to Find a Good Attorney or Law Firm in Tampa Bay

Law Firm

Finding a competent Tampa Bay lawyer to help you sort out your legal woes is easy, i.e., provided you follow the guidelines outlined below: –

  • Consult Family and Friends

Seek recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues on which Tampa Bay area law firms are best suited for handling your particular legal issue.

It’s advisable to put the most weight on suggestions from people who’ve benefited from a law firm’s legal services in the past.

  •  Verify the Firm’s Expertise

You need to determine whether the lawyer has expertise in the legal area that affects you.

You do this by conducting a background check on the Tampa Bay law firm he/she works for. Some questions you can seek to answer in your query include: –

    Is the law firm handling general practice?

    Is the law firm specializing in criminal defense?

    Does the law firm have experience in personal injury cases?

    How long has the firm practiced?

    Which recent cases has the law firm successfully handled

    Are the recent legal victories similar to your case?

    Which lawyer was instrumental in the win?

  •  Go for a Licensed Attorney

Once you’ve found a lawyer with the right expertise, the final step is to ensure that he/she is licensed to practice in Florida.

You do this by checking for his/her name on the official Florida Bar website.

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 FAQs on Law Firm in Tampa Bay

I don’t know what type of law my situation belongs to, how should I proceed?

You have two options when it comes to determining what law applies to your particular legal situation. The first has you visiting a succession of legal websites until you find relevant information. This approach is time-consuming and will likely not avail a precise answer.

The second option is to call an established law firm and inquire directly from a legal professional. This approach is fast and guaranteed to provide an exact answer to your law query.

What do I need to prepare before calling a law firm in Tampa Bay?

Before calling a Tampa Bay law firm, it is best to set down in writing the precise reasons for making the call. Doing so ensures that you can fully describe the legal matter you desire resolved or want help with. It also saves valuable time for you and the legal professional on the other end of the call.

Is there a difference between state drug charges and federal drug charges?

Yes. State laws are often more lenient towards drug-related charges than federal drug regulations. For instance, possession of gateway drugs like marijuana might be considered a misdemeanor at the state level but a felony at the federal level.