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Florida legislature’s attempt to repeal “Stand Your Ground” Law fails.

This week, the legislature's latest attempt to repeal Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law failed.  This means that a person does not have a duty to retreat if attacked.  The proposed bill was soundly defeated by a vote of 11-2.  This law has been the subject ... Read more

George Zimmerman trial starts tomorrow with jury selection the most important part of a criminal trial

George Zimmerman is charged with 2nd degree murder for allegedly killing Trayvon Martin last year.  Get ready for a deluge of media coverage for another Florida “crime of the century” after the Casey Anthony trial.What exactly is jury selection or “... Read more

Off duty Lakeland Police officer charged with battery after alleged road rage incident

An off duty police officer was charged with battery after an alleged road rage incident today.  Part of the incident was captured on a surveillance camera.  Allegedly, there was an incident on the road where the off-duty Lakeland Police Officer felt that the... Read more

Lakeland criminal lawyer files Stand your ground motion in battery case

My client was charged with the crime of battery.  This is a first degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in the Polk County Jail.  The allegations against my client were that he had hit a female at a fight outside a bar.  Allegedly, there were numero... Read more