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How do you get your mugshot off the internet websites? Feds may be helping defendants.

As a criminal record sealing and expunging lawyer, many people call me because they need to get their mugshot off the internet because they can not find a job or obtain housing because of their criminal background.  For now, you must seal or expunge your reco... Read more

Judge Sheehan of Hillsborough County Reprimanded by Florida Supreme Court for DUI arrest.

The Tampa Tribune was reporting today that Judge Sheehan of Hillsborough County will be reprimanded for her DUI arrest last year.  This will probably be in the form of a written public reprimand.  I had blogged about the arrest when it first happened.  The ... Read more

In Florida, Domestic Violence Charges Cannot Be Sealed or Expunged

Anyone with domestic violence charges on record may not have his or her criminal record expunged or sealed in Florida. In Florida, the working definition of domestic violence refers to any criminal offense that causes physical injury to, or the death of, a fa... Read more

Tampa Bay Buc player arrested for possession of cannabis

Akeem Spence of the Tampa Bay Bucs was arrested in Alabama for possession of marijuana.  He was allegedly pulled over for speeding and eventually the troopers conducted a canine (K-9) search of the vehicle.  The drug sniffing dogs allegedly alerted to the pr... Read more

Off duty Lakeland Police officer charged with battery after alleged road rage incident

An off duty police officer was charged with battery after an alleged road rage incident today.  Part of the incident was captured on a surveillance camera.  Allegedly, there was an incident on the road where the off-duty Lakeland Police Officer felt that the... Read more

Difference Between Adjudicated Guilty and Withhold Adjudication for Sealing and Expunging Arrest

Adjudicated Guilt in Florida Explained General Adjudication of Guilt vs. Withholding Guilt During the sentencing phase of a criminal trial the judge has the option of adjudicating a person guilty or withholding adjudication (withholding guilt).  This tran... Read more

Expunge your Domestic Violence arrest for background checks

Problems finding a job or renting a place to live? Need to get an arrest off your record because you are licensed by the State of Florida? Nurses, teachers, attorneys, dentists, LPNs, etc. need to expunge their arrests.  Retain a lawyer to expunge or seal y... Read more