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Another Christmas Prostitution sting in Polk County results in 61 arrests.

Sheriff Grady Judd will hold a press conference today to announce the results of the latest Polk Prostitution sting from last week.  The sting was part of a  undercover operation targeting individuals who respond to online advertisements on Backpage.com. ... Read more

Polk County prostitution sting operation “When Will You Learn” results in 98 arrests!

Once again, Grady Judd and the Polk County Sheriff's Office conducted another prostitution sting.  This four day operation was called "When Will You Learn" by the sheriff.  Almost 100 people were arrested.  The suspected "johns" arrested for solicitation of... Read more

Tampa radio personality arrested for solicitation for prostitution which carries mandatory $5,000.00 civil fine unless criminal charge is dismissed

This time it was the Tampa Police Department running a prostitution sting in response to neighborhood complaints about prostitution in the area.  A local radio personality was arrested in the sting Tuesday night on a charge of unlawful acts as a precursor to ... Read more

Polk Sheriff arrests men in Saddle Creek for lewd solicitation

The Polk County Sheriff's Officer arrested five (5) men for solicitation for a lewd act at Saddle Creek Park yesterday.  This was another lewd/prostitution sting.  These men will likely be charged with solicitation for prostitution which carries a $5,000.00 ... Read more

Polk County prostitution $5,000.00 civil penalty not applied retroactively judge rules

This week, Polk county criminal court Judge Fegers rules that the "civil penalty" in prostitution case can not be applied retroactively.  This means that if you were arrested before January 1, 2013 before the$5,250.00 fine went into effect,  you will NOT hav... Read more

Polk prostitution sting update on civil penalty unconstitutional motion

Many people are asking what is the status of the Motion to Declare the Prostitution "civil penalty" unconstitutional that I filed a couple of months ago.  Many Polk criminal defense attorneys taking these prostitution cases are not filing a motion or fighting... Read more

Another Polk County Backpage solicitation for lewdness and prostitution sting

Polk County law enforcement agencies ran another prostitution sting this week.  This appears to be similar to the prostitution stings recently done this past January and last August.  The prostitution law increased the "civil penalty" for "johns" from $50... Read more

Prostitution trial results in guilty verdict

Today, the jury reached a guilty verdict in the Zumba prostitution case that made headlines across the country.  The prosecutor accused him of managing the prostitution business allegedly run by the Zumba instructor, Alexis Wright.  Wright’s case is still ... Read more

Bartow criminal attorney files motion to declare prostitution statute unconstitutional

Today was the day most people arrested in the last Polk County prostitution sting were scheduled for their Arraignment.  The “Arraignment” is the first court date an arrested person attends to answer to the criminal charge.  If the person pleads guilty o... Read more

Prostitution or Solicitation for a Lewd Act – Sex Crime attorney

The Florida legislature has amended the Prostitution statute to increase the civil penalty portion of the statute to $5,000.00!!! This $5,000.00 lewdness fine applies to crimes committed after January 1, 2013 Is this legal? Can they really fine me $5,000... Read more