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28 people arrested in Pasco County, Florida Prostitution sting. Who may have to pay the $5,000.00 civil penalty? What is the status of the appeal of this outrageous fine?

The Pasco County Sheriff announced the results of a four day Prostitution sting operation today that resulted in 28 arrests.  Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco stated the females were arrested after advertising on the internet.  This usually means the women posted a... Read more

Tampa firefighter’s 3rd DUI arrest in Pasco County could result in a 10 year driver’s license suspension, felony conviction, and 5 years in Florida State Prison.

Over the weekend, a Tampa Fire Rescue firefighter was arrested for DUI in Holiday, Pasco County.  This was allegedly his 3rd DUI arrest with priors in 2001 and 2012.  If that is true, if convicted of DUI, there would be a 10 year driver’s license suspensio... Read more

Bartow DUI lawyers explain where to sign up for DUI School if arrested for DUI in Polk County

The majority of people arrested for DUI in Polk County will have to enroll in and complete DUI School.  DUI is substance abuse treatment program.  In a DUI case this usually means substance abuse counseling for alcohol.  A DUI may be based upon controlled s... Read more