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Meth Makes Millions

It is no surprise that making the illegal drug methamphetamine (aka meth), a drug known by at least 45 different names, makes some individuals and groups very rich. It is a multi-billion dollar business that maims, kills and takes no prisoners.The chalky ... Read more

Another Polk County Sheriff felony sting arrest for firearms and drugs

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office along with federal authorities arrested 23 suspects in a sting operation today.  The arrested suspects were criminally charges with various drug trafficking and firearm charges.  The suspe... Read more

Drug Trafficking Criminal Defense Lawyer – Drugs Controlled Substance defense attorney

TRAFFICKING IN DRUGS AND CONTROLLED SUBSTANCESDrug Trafficking is a very serious felony offense in Florida.  You need an experienced drug defense attorney defending you against drug charges and controlled substances crimes in court.  Call criminal drug d... Read more

Florida Supreme Court upholds Florida’s Drug law ruling it Constitutional.

Recently, a federal court ruled that Section 893.13, part of the Florida Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act was unconstitutional because it did not require “knowledge” as an element of the criminal offense.  What does that mean?  Basical... Read more