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Touch DNA May Change Conviction Rates in Criminal Offenses

So-called “touch DNA” may be able to link an alleged suspect to a crime scene. A man in Jacksonville, Florida was accused of grand theft and organized fraud after touch DNA linked him to several crimes in 2013. Allegedly, the 71-year-old man scammed a w... Read more

Former Polk Judicial Assistant sentenced Polk County jail for grand theft and falsifying time worked records.

Today, former judicial Assistant Alisha Rupp was sentenced to the charges she pled to last week.  Judge Perry of Orlando sentenced Rupp to 300 days in the Polk County Jail, followed by 185 days house arrest, and 2 years probation.  The judge also adjudicated... Read more

State Attorney drops criminal charges against Polk County Judge Harlan for retiring from the bench.

Another sad day for the judiciary.  Judge Beth Harlan retired from the Polk County Circuit Court bench in an agreement with State Attorney Jerry Hill.  This offer was made prior to Judge Harlan being charged with a criminal offense, but she rejected the offe... Read more

Arrested for Polk County shoplifting gets a free ride from Sheriff Grady Judd

  If you are caught shoplifting or stealing in Polk County, it is a very serious criminal offense.  As you can see by the picture, Sheriff Grady Judd and Jerry Hill, the State Attorney for the Tenth Judicial Circuit take this crime very seriously.... Read more