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Florida’s Second District Court of Appeals Rules Red Light Camera Tickets are Legal!

Today Florida's 2nd District Court of Appeals (DCA) ruled that municipalities can contract with 3rd party vendors to sort through images and issue violations for red light violations. This ruling covers Polk, Pasco, Hillsborough Pinellas, Manatee, and other co... Read more

Judge Sheehan of Hillsborough County Reprimanded by Florida Supreme Court for DUI arrest.

The Tampa Tribune was reporting today that Judge Sheehan of Hillsborough County will be reprimanded for her DUI arrest last year.  This will probably be in the form of a written public reprimand.  I had blogged about the arrest when it first happened.  The ... Read more

Proposed medical marijuana amendment approved by Florida Supreme Court. How will it affect criminal cases

The medical marijuana amendment has made it to Florida’s ballot in time for the next governor’s election.  Voter polls currently indicate that the amendment will pass easily and medical marijuana will become legal in the state of Florida.  How will this ... Read more