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Meth Makes Millions

It is no surprise that making the illegal drug methamphetamine (aka meth), a drug known by at least 45 different names, makes some individuals and groups very rich. It is a multi-billion dollar business that maims, kills and takes no prisoners.The chalky ... Read more

Being Around Marijuana is not a Crime, but Conspiring to Commit a Prohibited Act Is

If a person is caught smoking Marijuana with someone else, but the stash does not belong to the first person, legally they should not be charged with a crime.The law says that possession of marijuana is a crime, but being in the same room as the drug is n... Read more

Right to be Free From Unreasonable Seizures Is Protected by U.S. Supreme Court

The story behind the lawsuit that eventually went before the U.S. Supreme Court began when police pulled a driver over for apparently driving erratically. When asked about his driving, the man said he had hit a pothole, and it jerked the vehicle over, so he ha... Read more

Medical marijuana amendment fails in Florida, pot still illegal to possess.

Florida's medical marijuana amendment did not pass yesterday in the election.  Even though a majority of the voters voted in favor of passing the medical marijuana amendment, receiving 58% of the vote, it fell 2% shy needed to pass.  In 2006, Florida voters ... Read more

Florida Pill Mills Fuel Rising Number of Deaths by Drug Overdose

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics for 2011 indicate an increase in Americans fatalities from prescription painkiller overdoses.Many Americans associate death by drug overdose with cocaine, heroine and other street drugs, but medical... Read more

NFL player arrested for DUI over the July 4th holiday weekend. DUI arrest is possibly driving under the influence of drugs case (DUID).

NFL player Josh Gordon arrested for DUI over 4th of July weekend.  He also was ticketed for speeding for allegedly going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone.  There was no other information about the reason for the stop such as whether he was swerving, weaving, or had a... Read more

FDLE Chemist being investigated for tampering with evidence

Last week it was the chief of police fired for allegedly not following policies.  This week it is an Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime analyst in the news.  FDLE lab analyst Joseph Graves is being investigated for allegedly tampering with evidence ... Read more

Tampa Bay Buc player arrested for possession of cannabis

Akeem Spence of the Tampa Bay Bucs was arrested in Alabama for possession of marijuana.  He was allegedly pulled over for speeding and eventually the troopers conducted a canine (K-9) search of the vehicle.  The drug sniffing dogs allegedly alerted to the pr... Read more

Is it Legal for Police to Lure Drug Dealers Into Buying Drugs?

Usually, people think it is fine to do whatever is needed to catch “the bad guys”. However, lest we forget, those bad guys have rights.Sunrise, Florida is the scene of a recent story about the nearly unprecedented lengths to which police will go to cat... Read more

South Florida physician charged after pill mill raid by drug enforcement agents

Seven people, including a local doctor, were arrested and charged with illegally dispensing and distributing oxycodone.Due to a recent drug enforcement raid, seven South Florida residents face federal charges of illegal dispensing and handing out a variety... Read more

Polk County Sheriff deputy arrests man for DUI for riding a bicycle with only a 0.04 BREATH TEST LEVEL!!!

This week, a Mulberry man was arrested for Driving Under the Influence for allegedly riding his bike down the street while impaired.  Can a person get a DUI while riding a bike in Florida?  Yes!In Florida, a person is guilty of DUI if they are driving a ... Read more

Open House Party, Florida Statutes 856.015 in Polk County

An open house party criminal charge can cause an arrested person many problems.  The majority of the time, these charges arise out of college parties or house parties when a minor's or juvenile's parents go out of town.  However, if you are a student at Flor... Read more