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Aggravated felony Domestic Violence arrest warrant issued for NFL Buccaneer Mike Williams’ brother for allegedly stabbing the wide receiver.

Another day, another criminal story about an NFL football player.  This time the Buc's Mike Williams is allegedly the victim of a domestic violence dispute at his home.  There are multiple witnesses to the incident, but it allegedly involved horseplay betwee... Read more

In Florida, Domestic Violence Charges Cannot Be Sealed or Expunged

Anyone with domestic violence charges on record may not have his or her criminal record expunged or sealed in Florida. In Florida, the working definition of domestic violence refers to any criminal offense that causes physical injury to, or the death of, a fa... Read more

Off duty Lakeland Police officer charged with battery after alleged road rage incident

An off duty police officer was charged with battery after an alleged road rage incident today.  Part of the incident was captured on a surveillance camera.  Allegedly, there was an incident on the road where the off-duty Lakeland Police Officer felt that the... Read more

Can I possess a firearm if I was convicted of Domestic Violence or there is an injunction issued against me?

Many people want to know if they are able to obtain or possess a firearm if they have been convicted of domestic violence or currently have an injunction for protection against domestic violence ordered against them.The 1968 Gun Control Act at 18 U.S.C. §... Read more

Lakeland criminal lawyer files Stand your ground motion in battery case

My client was charged with the crime of battery.  This is a first degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in the Polk County Jail.  The allegations against my client were that he had hit a female at a fight outside a bar.  Allegedly, there were numero... Read more

Plant City criminal defense attorney takes domestic violence case to trial

My client was charged with domestic violence.  In Polk County, I can often get Domestic Violence or Domestic Battery charges dismissed without ever going to court. This allows my arrested client to start expunging their domestic violence charge immediately. ... Read more

Lakeland Injunction attorney defends another Petition for Injunction for Protection against Repeat Violence

Many times an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is jealous because their ex has moved on.  Due to a number of possible factors such as jealousy, revenge, or not wanting their ex to be happy, the former significant other will focus their energies on the new girlfrien... Read more

Lakeland native loses his job after domestic violence arrest

Polk County native Chris Rainey was arrested last week for suspicion of domestic violence. He was previously arrested for a domestic crime.  Rainey was arrested for a felony stalking charge while he was still on the University of Florida football team.In ... Read more

Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction – Case Dismissed

Another win as my client's criminal charge for violating a protection against domestic violence without minor children was dismissed in the middle of the trial.If you are charged with violating a restraining order, domestic violence injunction, repeat viol... Read more

Expunge your Domestic Violence arrest for background checks

Problems finding a job or renting a place to live? Need to get an arrest off your record because you are licensed by the State of Florida? Nurses, teachers, attorneys, dentists, LPNs, etc. need to expunge their arrests.  Retain a lawyer to expunge or seal y... Read more