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Polk county DUI arrest for driving the wrong way on I-4.

The Florida Highway Patrol arrested a Winter Haven man in Polk County early this morning for DUI after he was allegedly stopped driving the wrong way on I-4.  FHP has dash cams on most of their patrol cars so part of the traffic stop was captured on video.  ... Read more

Why should I hire an attorney for my criminal case? I’m just going to plead guilty

If you have been arrested, I offer a free office consultation.  There are many things an arrested person needs to know before they go to court including that you may have a defense to the crime you did not even know about!Unfortunately, I get many calls m... Read more

Florida couple found guilty of “Sex on the beach” and now will be classified as sexual offenders and face prison time.

Today, a Bradenton couple was found guilty of having sex on a Florida beach.  This is a VERY serious crime in Florida because each person was charged with committing a lewd and lascivious act which subjects them both to 15 years in Florida State Prison AND be... Read more

Former Florida State football player arrested for DUI, could affect his draft status.

Former Florida State cornerback P.J. Williams was arrested for driving under the influence in Tallahassee early Friday morning.  He was projected to go in the 1st round of the upcoming NFL draft, but this may cause him to drop to a lower round in the draft. ... Read more

Woman arrested for DUI wearing a “Hello Kitty” costume.

Halloween is almost here and that means candy, costumes, and parties.  Remember to be safe and responsible.  There are a lot of children out on the streets Trick-or-Treating and drinking and driving at this time of year can be dangerous.  Already, on Sunday... Read more

I was arrested, what are my obligations under Florida’s “Discovery” Rules of Criminal Procedure.

If you have been arrested, one of the first things a criminal defense attorney does is file a "Demand for Discovery" and serve it on the prosecutor.  This helps prepare the defense of your case by requiring the prosecutor to turn over information and evidence... Read more

What advantages are there to hiring a local Polk criminal lawyer over an Orlando or Tampa lawyer?

Thursday is Pre-Trial Conference in Polk County misdemeanor and criminal traffic court.  What happens at a Polk County Pre-Trial Conference (PTC) court date?  These are usually scheduling court dates.  Some cases are set for jury trial.   Other cases h... Read more

Florida prosecutors state that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will not face any charges stemming from an alleged sex battery.

This week, the State Attorney in Miami announced that prosecutors would not file criminal charges for sexual battery (rape) against NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  What is to be learned from this case? This case teaches a valuable lesson that anyone arrest... Read more

Surveillance video Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting at Publix.

The surveillance video of Jameis Winston allegedly shoplifting at Public has been released to the public.  You can view the video here: http://www.tallahassee.com/videos/news/local/2014/05/15/9124597/ Jameis is the quarterback for Florida State and also pla... Read more

Florida speed limits to be raised? Gov. Scott just needs to sign the bill.

Could the speed limit on some of Florida's highways be raised in the near future?  That is a very real possibility now as the Florida House narrowly passed the bill to raise the limit by only 2 votes.  If the bill is passed it does not mean that speed limits... Read more

NFL owner arrested for DUI and possession of controlled substances

Jim Irsay, owner of the NFL Indianapolis Colts, was arrested Sunday night for suspicion of DUI and possession of controlled substances. Mr. Irsay faces the DUI charge and three (3) felony counts of possessing a controlled substance.Mr. Irsay allegedly drov... Read more

Another child sex sting in Florida results in 22 arrests

More and more law enforcement agencies are running their own child sex sting operations in central Florida.  Last month it was Pinellas County and this time it is Lake County, Florida.  The Lake County Sheriff's Office called it "Operation Be Mine" to coinci... Read more

FDLE Chemist being investigated for tampering with evidence

Last week it was the chief of police fired for allegedly not following policies.  This week it is an Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime analyst in the news.  FDLE lab analyst Joseph Graves is being investigated for allegedly tampering with evidence ... Read more

Justin Bieber arrested for DUI in Florida with allegedly a low breath test and urine results to come

As everyone has now heard, Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI in South Florida.  Numerous videos of the incident have come out including a cell phone video and a homeowner’s surveillance camera video.  These videos can be seen at:http://www.youtube.com... Read more

Florida police officer charged for having sex, but not telling his partners he was infected with HIV.

A police officer in Palm Beach County is facing two felony counts for failing to tell his sexual partners he has the HIV virus.  Chapter 384 of the Florida statutes governs Sexually Transmissible Diseases.  Under Florida statute 384.24 "Unlawful acts" it i... Read more

Former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent sentenced for DUI Manslaughter conviction

Former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent was found guilty of DUI Manslaughter and was quickly sentenced.  That is because in Texas, the jury determines the sentence.  He was facing up to 20 years in prison.  The jury sentenced him to 10 years in probation, but there... Read more

Lakeland Police Cheif Womack resigns

LPD Chief Lisa Womack resigned today.  Womack's resignation is effective May 1.  The chief's resignation comes only two (2) days after a "no confidence" vote by employees of the Lakeland Police Department.  This comes after a scandal filled year at LPD incl... Read more

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer arrested for Exposure of Sexual Organ and Possession of Pot

Last week another Tampa Bay Buccaneer was arrested.  Former Buc Kellen Winslow was arrested for public lewdness and possession of synthetic marijuana in New Jersey after a woman in a Target parking lot alleged to police that she saw Winslow with his penis out... Read more

David Cassidy arrested for 3rd DUI

David Cassidy was arrested over the weekend in California for DUI.  He allegedly submitted to the breath test with a result of 0.19, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08.  I recently tried a DUI case with a breath test level of over 0.19, click this link ... Read more

Air bag black box recorded results ruled admissible in trial for leaving the scene of an accident involving death.

Most vehicles now have air bags in them for safety reasons in case of an accident.  However, these air bag control systems are often referred to as the “black box” or “event data recorder" in motor vehicles.  After an accident, this device generates a... Read more

Lakeland Police Department DUI arrest causes problem in court again.

The Lakeland Police Department was back in the news again today regarding one of their DUI arrests.  Officer Kellner who works on the LPD DUI unit and is a breath test operator was the arresting officer in this case.  The judge was reviewing the driver's cas... Read more

Polk County Sheriff deputy arrests man for DUI for riding a bicycle with only a 0.04 BREATH TEST LEVEL!!!

This week, a Mulberry man was arrested for Driving Under the Influence for allegedly riding his bike down the street while impaired.  Can a person get a DUI while riding a bike in Florida?  Yes!In Florida, a person is guilty of DUI if they are driving a ... Read more

Investigation into LPD continues

The Lakeland Police Department was in the news again tonight.  Fox New Tampa Bay did a story on the investigation of LPD.  The focus this time was on LPD's internal affairs division.  An officer was reassigned from that division.  This again delat with the... Read more

Florida DUI law changes for hardship license if arrested for DUI

You only have 10 days to request a “Formal Review” to challenge the administrative suspension of your driver’s license for blowing over 0.08 on the breath test machine or refusing the breath test.  The Florida legislature has now changed the law that ca... Read more