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Meth Makes Millions

It is no surprise that making the illegal drug methamphetamine (aka meth), a drug known by at least 45 different names, makes some individuals and groups very rich. It is a multi-billion dollar business that maims, kills and takes no prisoners.The chalky ... Read more

Hosting a Party? Be Careful How Much Alcohol is Served

Serving alcohol at a party comes with a great deal of responsibility. Many hosts do not realize they may face legal consequences if a guest drives while inebriated and injures or kills someone, or if any guest is under the legal drinking age of 21.If you a... Read more

Former Florida State football player arrested for DUI, could affect his draft status.

Former Florida State cornerback P.J. Williams was arrested for driving under the influence in Tallahassee early Friday morning.  He was projected to go in the 1st round of the upcoming NFL draft, but this may cause him to drop to a lower round in the draft. ... Read more

Marijuana Possession, Use and Sale Remain Federally Illegal, Though Enforcement Is Spotty

Each state has its own marijuana laws. If you are arrested, you need to know which laws are applicable to your case.In 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first two states to legalize, regulate and tax recreational possession of cannabis. The laws in ... Read more

Former Dallas Cowboy’s DUI Manslaughter trial goes to the jury.

Busy week for NFL football players in the criminal courts.  The latest is the DUI manslaughter trial of former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent.  He is on trial for DUI Manslaughter in Texas when he was driving home from a strip club and his teammate was killed in t... Read more

Dentist sentenced for Halloween DUI Manslaughter accident.

Yesterday, a Hillsborough county dentist was sentenced to 12 years in prison pursuant to a plea agreement with prosecutors for causing the deaths of two people in a horrible DUI Manslaughter accident during Halloween.  The drivers blood alcohol level was 0.13... Read more

Aggressive Polk County DUI lawyer argues DUI motions to suppress in court

Yesterday, I was in court all day before arguing various motions to suppress in my client's DUI case.  Many people arrested for DUI or a criminal offense do not know what a criminal defense attorney does for them in court.  Many people charged with DUI also ... Read more

George Zimmerman trial starts tomorrow with jury selection the most important part of a criminal trial

George Zimmerman is charged with 2nd degree murder for allegedly killing Trayvon Martin last year.  Get ready for a deluge of media coverage for another Florida “crime of the century” after the Casey Anthony trial.What exactly is jury selection or “... Read more

Bartow DUI lawyers explain where to sign up for DUI School if arrested for DUI in Polk County

The majority of people arrested for DUI in Polk County will have to enroll in and complete DUI School.  DUI is substance abuse treatment program.  In a DUI case this usually means substance abuse counseling for alcohol.  A DUI may be based upon controlled s... Read more

Undercover police officers fired for drinking and hanging out in strip club while on duty

Two undercover Tampa Police Department officers were fired today for hanging out and drinking in a strip club while on duty.  Officer Ortega and Officer Madsen were in a strip club drinking.  When it was time to go to work, the officers logged into work rem... Read more

NTSB porposes lowering the legal limit in DUI cases to 0.05 from 0.08

Last week, the NTSB proposed lowering the legal limit for Driving Under the Influence cases from 0.08 to 0.05.  In Florida, the legal limit is 0.08.  Also in Florida, a driver with a breath alcohol under 0.05 is presumed to not be impaired.  The NTSB feels ... Read more

Open House Party, Florida Statutes 856.015 in Polk County

An open house party criminal charge can cause an arrested person many problems.  The majority of the time, these charges arise out of college parties or house parties when a minor's or juvenile's parents go out of town.  However, if you are a student at Flor... Read more