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Bradenton “Sex on the Beach” couple scheduled for sentencing today

Today the infamous couple convicted of having "Sex on the Beach" are scheduled to be sentenced today.  I have previously posted about this case explaining how serious this charge can be at:http://www.flcrimedefense.com//2015/05/florida-couple-found-guilty... Read more

Judge Sheehan of Hillsborough County Reprimanded by Florida Supreme Court for DUI arrest.

The Tampa Tribune was reporting today that Judge Sheehan of Hillsborough County will be reprimanded for her DUI arrest last year.  This will probably be in the form of a written public reprimand.  I had blogged about the arrest when it first happened.  The ... Read more

Difference Between Adjudicated Guilty and Withhold Adjudication for Sealing and Expunging Arrest

Adjudicated Guilt in Florida Explained General Adjudication of Guilt vs. Withholding GuiltDuring the sentencing phase of a criminal trial the judge has the option of adjudicating a person guilty or withholding adjudication (withholding guilt).  This tran... Read more