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Arrested? Need to get out of jail, but the Bond Amount is too high or there is No Bond set in the case?

I can file a Bond Motion requesting the court to set a lower, more reasonable bond in your friend’s or family member’s case. Once hired, if formal charges (Information) have not been filed against the inmate, I can have the bond motion heard within 48 hours (2 days). The Bond Motion Hearing can not be set any sooner because I have to give the Judge, Prosecutor, and Clerk notice of the Bond Motion hearing. If an Information has been filed against your friend or family member, it will depend on the Judge’s schedule who is assigned the case, but I will get the quickest date possible.

After a citizen is arrested, they are brought before the Judge the next day to be informed of the charges against them, the bond amount, and whether probable cause exits to hold the citizen in jail. I can also attend an inmate’s First Appearance Hearing. If you hire me to represent the arrested citizen, I can request a bond at the First Appearance Hearing and there is no need to schedule a Bond Motion.

I can also file a motion to modify your bond conditions. Many times the Judge will place conditions on your release. Such as, “No Contact With The Alleged Victim” in a Domestic Violence case or not being allowed to leave the county. I can file a Bond Motion asking the court to remove or modify these, or any other condition, so that you may live at home or travel for work.

In order to get a reduced bond, the court will look at many factors, including:

  • Whether you are a resident of the county where you were arrested
  • Whether you own property in the county where you were arrested
  • Whether you have family members living in the community where you were arrested
  • Whether you are employed and the length of employment
  • You prior criminal record
  • The individual facts and circumstances of your case
  • The charge for which you have been arrested
  • Any other ties to the community you may have

Call now to help your friend or loved one get out of jail.


— Thomas C. Grajek

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We have represented dozens of clients with criminal attorney bonds and have established a trusted reputation in acting rapidly for all of our clients. In the event of your arrest, we will work diligently to honor the bond and have you release from jail. Simultaneously, we will put all of our resources at your disposal to handle the criminal case which resulted in your arrest, providing you with the best criminal defense representation we can muster.


An attorney bond is a form of surety bond which your criminal defense attorney can use to pay your bail bond in order to have you released from jail after committing an offense, similar to a bail bondsman. Typically, you will pay a non-refundable fee of around 10% to the attorney to secure the bond. Once released from jail, the attorney with which you secure your bond will represent you in court.


Each individual case has unique aspects which must be assessed on a case by case basis. As criminal defense attorneys, it is our duty to give our clients the best legal representation possible and act to the fullest extent of the legal system to ensure our clients are being treated fairly and not facing undue punishment. We are often successful at getting our clients out of jail and helping them organize a comprehensive defense strategy as they await their court dates.


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