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Did you know that Florida has a strict liability law? It means that if we get hurt and the other person is not at fault for injuring us, this person or company still needs to pay for the damages.

The state’s justice system was created to protect all the victims of negligence. So, we can take your case to court and demand our rights. With the help of a personal injury attorney, it’s possible to get justice.

Finding a personal injury attorney in Polk County can be hard if you never needed one before, though. Here are some tips that will help you. First, look for a personal injury attorney with a good track record. It’s essential to find someone competent for the job. Book an initial consultation, and you may find the one that will be able to help you.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney In Polk County and Get To Know Your Rights

Many of us get injured every day without knowing our rights. Because of this, we lose our shot at getting justice and some compensation for our pain. This can lead to a sensation that the justice system is not working, which is not the truth. You just need to be prepared to deal with the situation to get a result in your favor.

Knowing the law is important because it empowers us to pursue justice when we were harmed by someone else. If someone does not know in which situations a personal injury attorney can be hired, it’s difficult to understand how to follow.

This is a list of events in which you may want to call a personal injury attorney in Polk County:

  • Car accidents: if someone injured you during a car crash, you could seek the help of a personal injury lawyer in Polk County. It’s possible to get some compensation for damages to you and your vehicle.
  • Bicycle accidents: you can even sue someone for accidents when you were cycling, especially if the other person was in a car.
  • Workplace accidents: have you got injured while you worked? The law states that the company has to pay for the damages you sustained while working.
  • Medical malpractice: in case a doctor made a mistake during a medical procedure, you can undoubtedly sue this person. Any negligence or error can cost them money in court.
  • Wrongful Death: if someone caused the death of another person who was from your family by either negligence or intentional action, you can sue this person.
  • Products liability: not many people know, but you can sue a company for product liability if a product is defective or if it does not work as advertised.
  • Premises liability: if any place has unsafe conditions and you got injured because of this, you can also look for a personal injury attorney in Polk County to sue.

Florida is a no-fault state

Did you know that Florida is a no-fault state? Many of us don’t know about it before we hire an attorney. It means that insurance companies pay for car accidents in the state. Every driver needs to have insurance, or they could be fined.

In case of a grave personal injury, however, you should hire a personal injury attorney in Polk County. This law covers only 80% of medical expenses after an accident and 60% of lost wages. If your bills are too high, you should consult with an expert on how to start a lawsuit.

Pick a Personal Injury Attorney in Polk County You Can Trust

We all have the legal right to get compensation from losses that were caused by the negligence of someone else. This is one of the main pillars of how injury laws work. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of their rights because this concept is not as widespread as it should be.

A personal injury attorney in Polk County will help you in many ways. The first one is to understand exactly what you are owed. The second is to provide guidance and help during all the steps of filing the lawsuit and going to court.

People who have the help of a specialist have a higher chance of actually winning a case. They know precisely how the law works and can argue on your behalf in court. It makes a massive difference at the end of the process.

However, how can you tell an excellent attorney from a bad one? There are some steps that may help you. First, be sure that you’re dealing with a real law firm, not scammers. It’s illegal to impersonate an attorney, but some people still do it. You should check with the state bar to see if the person is legit.

Another major step is to check references and see if the customers were happy. Look at third-party referrals, ask other attorneys, or even ask your friends. If what you hear is positive, it’s already a huge step forward.

Choose a Personal Injury Attorney with experience. Call Thomas C. Grajek and talk with a personal injury attorney in Polk County 

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney in Polk County Now

Personal injury cases are very serious, and hiring a personal injury attorney in Polk County is the right choice. Many of us lose the chance to seek damages for these events and end up regretting it later. The later you pursue justice, the thinner your chances of getting it will be.

There’s no need to keep suffering alone. You can contact an attorney right now and schedule the first consultation. All that you need is a dependable attorney that will fight for your case besides you. Someone who believes in the justice system and will do everything to give you the closure you need.

If you are looking for an excellent personal injury attorney in Polk County right now, you should give Thomas C. Grajek’s law office a call. This office has some of the best attorneys in the state and will help you to get justice when you need it the most.


What are the different kinds of personal injury cases?

Personal injury cases can come in different types. Some examples would be car accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, wrongful deaths, or even problems caused by products or premise liabilities. In short, if you were injured by someone’s fault, you can sue this person.

How do I know if a personal injury attorney is competent or not?

You should check the background of an attorney before you hire this person. It’s possible to ask friends, seek referrals, or even look for information online. An attorney with a good track record is probably better than one who lost most of their cases.

What are the benefits of getting a personal injury attorney?

There are several benefits if you hire a personal injury attorney in Polk County. A professional could give valuable professional advice in court and tell you whether or not you should sue someone for the injuries that you suffered.