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Polk County is a busy county consisting of several major cities that include Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow, Haines City, Auburndale, and Lake Wales. An area that is home to over 600,000 people, thousands of firms, and other organizations.

Whether you’ve lived in Polk County for some time now, or just recently arrived, it pays to know where you can seek legal assistance whenever the need arises.

If you need an attorney for advice on legal matters or representation, you would do well to contact a Polk County law firm with extensive experience in Florida’s laws — call Atty Thomas C. Grajek now.

Legal Services from a Polk County Law Firm

Legal Services

Thomas C. Grajek specializes in criminal defense, but his law firm is also proficient in handling non-criminal cases. His very experienced team offer legal services in the following situations:

  • Criminal Defense – no matter how serious the charges are we will defend you
  • Felony Charges – again all felony charges are covered by our legal services
  • Misdemeanors – whether this is your first or fifth misdemeanor, we can advise and represent you
  • DUI – being accused of or caught driving under the influence can have a seriously negative impact on your life, we work to minimize that
  • Drug Charges – regardless of what type of drug charge you are facing we have the necessary experience
  • Violation of Probation/ Early Termination of Probation – violating probation can send you straight back to jail so you need a legal firm like ours to examine the facts and represent you
  • Sex Crimes – we offer legal advice and representation for those accused of the full spectrum of sex crimes
  • Domestic Violence – if you have been accused of domestic violence we have the necessary experience to represent you
  • Armed Trespassing – if you are accused of this serious crime it is vital that you have the right kind of legal advice, like the kind we provide
  • Expunging or Sealing of Criminal Record – having your record expunged or sealed will remove some of the barriers you face. Over the years, we have helped many ex-criminals to get their lives back on track
  • Personal Injury Cases – we offer a full-spec personal injury service, to help you to secure a compensation payout that fully covers lost earnings for now and the future, the cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation, medication, pain, and suffering and much more
  • Car Accidents – we are here to help you with the process of filing an insurance claim, as well as seeking compensation for any car accident injuries you suffered
  • Bicycle Accidents – Florida has the highest number of bicycle accident cases in the USA, so we have helped many people to successfully seek compensation after being injured in a bicycle crash

Why Choose Thomas C. Grajek as your Law Firm in Polk County

When Thomas C. Grajek first set up his law firm, more than 20 years ago,  he focused on providing criminal defenses services. Over time, he gradually branched into new areas. Today, he offers the full spectrum of legal services.

When you check his Florida Bar entry, you will see that he was admitted in 1994. Proof that he has plenty of experience of serving and advising the people of this area.

You will also see that he can represent you in any Florida State Courts and can also do so in New York. If you have a complex case, you will not have to worry about switching attorneys partway through because they are unable to represent you in court. Thomas C. Grajek has the necessary experience and support team to assist you with any legal problem.

This is an aggressive and proactive law firm that strategizes to provide the best possible outcome for every client.

Get legal services from a law firm that knows Polk County’s laws and legal processes well. Call Atty Thomas C. Grajek now.

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 “There are many types of attorneys in Florida. They either have a general practice, or specialize in specific areas like criminal defense cases, personal injuries, real estate, commercial, or taxation law.”

 FAQs on Law Firm on Polk County

What are common situations in which I should consider consulting with an attorney in Polk County, Florida?

If you have an accident in Polk County, Florida that leads to you or someone else being injured, it is wise to call an attorney. You should also do so if you are accused of a crime or are arrested. It is wise to hire an attorney to oversee any real estate transaction and to take care of family matters such as divorce or drawing up a will.

How do I know if the attorney I’m about to call is really a practicing attorney in Florida?

Go to the Florida Bar website to check that the Florida attorney you are about to call is genuine. If they are registered to practice law in the state you will find their details on the database. You can search using their name, their firm, and/or the city they operate in. If you are not sure how to spell their name do not worry, just tick the “sounds like” box.

 What do I need to know about fees before hiring an attorney in Florida?

When hiring an attorney in Florida, you need to first understand what type of fee structure they are proposing to use. Sometimes you will pay by the hour. In which case, the attorney will estimate how many hours are required for your case. For things like wills, there is normally a fixed fee. Other times you will pay your attorney a percentage of any settlement that they secure for you. For example, compensation paid out for a personal injury claim.