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Have you or someone in your family been seriously hurt as a result of an accident? Was it another person’s negligence or reckless behavior that caused it? If you were hurt in a vehicle accident or a slip and fall, you deserve to have your case evaluated by a personal injury attorney in Pasco County.

Far too many accidents happen every day throughout Florida that could have and should have been prevented. From a slip and fall in a grocery store that knew about a spill of liquid to a person who was texting behind the wheel, these individuals could be held responsible in a court of law by your personal injury attorney in Pasco county.

Find the Right Personal Injury Attorney in Pasco County, Florida

Your selection of a personal injury attorney has an extremely important impact on the outcome of your case. Did you get injured in Pasco County, Florida and need legal advice for filing a personal injury claim. Going through a personal injury lawsuit is difficult enough because of the injuries you have sustained and how that might be shaping your daily life and ability to go back to work. It’s especially frustrating when you don’t know how to proceed or are confused with the insurance rules in Florida that limit which kind of people can file a personal injury lawsuit.

Speaking with a dedicated professional personal injury attorney in Pasco County, Florida gives you an overview of your case and the options available to you. Call our Pasco County law firm to speak with Attorney Thomas C. Grajek today and leverage his insight from a consultation.

Understanding the Basics of Personal Injury Cases in Florida

All across America, personal injury or tort law has similarities throughout every state with slight differences in terms of enforcement. Some of the most important components of personal injury lawsuit in Pasco County are determining negligence, establishing liability, and damages. Negligence refers to the other party’s responsibility for the injuries that you sustained, the liability is who can be legally held responsible for this incident, and damages referred to any compensation you could be entitled to as a result of being hurt in an accident.

Negligence in Personal Injury Cases

Other drivers on the road owe you a duty of care to share the road with you safely and to follow all relevant road laws. Likewise, if the property owner has a responsibility to warn you about potential hazards or obstacles or to remove them, this involves determining whether an expected responsibility was not being performed in order for you to file a case with a Pasco County personal injury attorney. Breach of responsibility is another important component of a personal injury lawsuit. This refers to the failure to act upon something that would cause harm or damage, like failing to fix cracks in a stairway that could cause people to trip and be seriously hurt.

The final important component of your Pasco County personal injury lawsuit is causation, which involves determining whether the personal injury was a logical possible outcome and reasonably expected because of the negligence, breach or responsibility.

Compensation for Damages

As an accident victim, your personal injury attorney in Pasco County, Florida will likely fight for compensation you are entitled to in the form of damages. This can include lost wages, medical costs, physical therapy, and rehabilitation costs and compensation for pain and suffering. For a more in-depth discussion about the kinds of damages you can recover, click here.

Choosing A Personal Injury Attorney in Pasco County

When partnering with a personal injury attorney in Pasco County, Florida, you need someone who is dedicated to fighting for your rights. The importance of the right personal injury attorney cannot be understated. To identify a legitimate personal injury attorney, look for the registration with a state bar, ask for referrals from other attorneys, ask your personal circle if they can recommend someone, and look at an attorney’s recent cases. To learn more please click here.

Experience counts in personal injury cases. Talk to a seasoned personal injury attorney now from Thomas C. Grajek’s Pasco County law office.

Consult with A Pasco County Personal Injury Attorney, Thomas C. Grajek

Attorney Thomas C. Grajek has been helping victims of accidents in Pasco County, Florida to determine their legal rights and to file lawsuits for years. He has developed a reputation for standing up for his clients’ rights and maximizing their potential compensation. He has an extensive track record when it comes to personal injury cases, including car accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, and dog bites. He is knowledgeable about Pasco County court proceedings and processes and offers a free consultation for clients- call today to get help.

FAQ’s On Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney in Pasco County, Florida

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

Your initial consultation with a Pasco County, Florida personal injury attorney will give you more information about whether or not there appear to be legal grounds for your case.

What do personal injury claims cover?

Personal injury claims cover the extent to which you have been seriously injured as a result of an accident and the responsibility level of the party who breached their duty of care to you.

What fees can I expect if I hire a personal injury attorney?

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis which means they get paid only if and when a settlement or judgement is secured on your behalf. Schedule a consultation today with an experienced personal injury attorneys in Pasco County, Florida to get more support.