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Statistically speaking, most people will have several accidents during their lifetime. You only have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to need the services of a personal injury attorney.  

If you are severely injured and no longer able to earn a good wage, life can become extremely difficult. Especially when you also have to pay for your treatment, drugs, and maybe specialist equipment.

Unsurprisingly, every year, thousands of people end up in serious debt after having been injured in an accident. Worse, a significant percentage of them find themselves unable to get back to earning money and living a normal life for many years, if at all.

Over the 25 years, we have been in business we have helped hundreds of people to win compensation for their personal injuries and lost earnings. We can help you too.

Understand the Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

An awful lot of people do not realize that they are entitled to compensation. A situation that the parties liable for your injuries will take advantage of.

We are here to make sure that does not happen. Over the 25+ years, we have worked in the Kissimmee area as personal injury attorneys thousands of people have used us to claim the cash that they deserve. We deal with all of the following claims and more.

Car accidents – In the USA, every year there are around 6 million auto accidents. The average driver has 3 or 4 during their driving life. Fortunately, many of these accidents are minor. But, not everyone is so lucky. Every year, we help people to secure fair compensation after a car accident has left them with serious injuries.

Bicycle accidents – On average around 45,000 people have cycling accidents, in the USA. Some walk away from them. But, unsurprisingly, many people are gravely injured when they are involved in a cycling accident. Fortunately, unlike some law firms, we are happy to represent cyclists who have been injured in accidents.

Workplace accidents – Every day, hundreds of people hurt themselves at work. Whether you have slipped on a greasy floor, got trapped in machinery, been electrocuted, or had something heavy fall on you, we will be able to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Medical malpractice – Unfortunately, the number of people who are injured while seeking medical help is quite high. Sometimes it is because of the neglect of a medical professional. Other times people suffer life-changing injuries as a result of unexpected drug symptoms. We have the experience to deal with all of those situations.

Wrongful death claims – If you have a relative that has died as the result of the actions or neglect of another person, you may be entitled to compensation. This is especially the case if you are dependent on the person that was killed. Our experienced team will deal with your case in a compassionate yet effective way.

Products liability – Sometimes people are hurt while using a faulty product. These cases are complex. We have the expertise to handle these kinds of cases too.

Premises liability – Premises owners are meant to take care of visitors and ensure that they do not get hurt. So, if you are injured because they failed to do that, you can file a personal injury claim.

Florida is a No-Fault State

Florida is a no-fault state. At least when it comes to auto accidents. Here, each person’s insurance policy pays for the other parties’ costs, including medical expenses.

But the amount the insurance company will payout is capped. If you have been seriously hurt, there is no way you will receive enough cash to cover all of your medical bills and ongoing treatment from the insurance company. Nor enough to compensate you for the fact that your injuries may mean that you earn less than you did before your accident. Or worse will not be able to work again.

Fortunately, provided your injuries fall into one of the following categories listed below, you will be able to file a personal injury claim against the person who is responsible for your injuries. Doing that should enable you to be properly compensated.

  •     You have suffered a permanent injury, for example, you have lost a limb
  •     You have been left with permanent disfigurement or scarring
  •     You have suffered a loss of bodily functions that are significant and permanent, for example, you have been left blinded in one eye
  •     Death

Over the 25+ years, we have been working as personal injury attorneys in Kissimmee, Florida we have handled all of the above. So, are the right law firm regardless of the type of case you need help with.

Kinds of Injuries are Sustained in Personal Injury Accidents

There are many different kinds of personal injuries you can sustain in an accident. Over the years we have helped clients to win compensation for back and neck injuries, broken bones, lost limbs, sight and hearing loss, and many other kinds of injury. All of which were severe enough to stop our clients from being able to quickly return to work or live their life as they did before the accident.

In all of those cases, we have been able to prove that our client has been injured as a result of the reckless or careless behavior of another party.

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When to Get Help from A Personal Injury Attorney in Kissimmee, Florida?

If you have been involved in an accident or another incident that has left you injured, it is wise to seek help from a personal injury attorney. It does not matter whether you have been in a car, cycling or motorbike accident. Or have been bitten by an animal, slipped over while in a shop or been injured at work, if you have been badly hurt, you need to seek legal advice.

Pick a Personal Injury Attorney in Kissimmee You Can Trust

You and everyone else have the right to be properly compensated after suffering an injury or serious loss as the result of someone else´s negligence or fault. Our personal injury attorneys are here to make sure that is exactly what happens. We make sure that the laws that protect you are followed.

If you are wondering how to avoid the lousy ones and hire a dependable personal injury attorney? just click the link, and read our guide.

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Personal Injury Attorney in Kissimmee, Florida FAQs –

 What Can I Expect to Get Covered for My Personal Injury Claim?

You can expect pain and suffering, your medical bills, rehabilitation, and loss of earnings to be covered by your personal injury claim. If you have been severely injured how much you are paid will make a huge difference to your future quality of life. You need to be sure that you are paid enough to be able to afford to continue treatment, buy specialist equipment, and if your injuries stop you from working, cover any additional living expenses you incur.

What Will Not be Covered from My Claim?

When you make a personal injury claim you may not be compensated for everything that you expect. Exceptions include any disabilities that may be attributable to existing conditions and consequential losses. You can only be compensated for injuries and additional expenses you incur that can be proven to have been caused by the party you are seeking compensation from. If there is no or little evidence of certain losses you will not be paid anything for them.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney for My Claim?

It is wise to hire a personal injury attorney for your claim. In theory, you can handle things yourself. But you are highly unlikely to be able to secure the right level of compensation. The other party will almost always do its best not to pay you. Personal injury attorneys have the necessary experience to effectively counter this. They know how the law and processes work, so will be far more successful at negotiating a fair payout for you.