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A Florida criminal defense lawyer is the person who is in your corner from the moment that you have been accused of a crime for the entire duration of your case in the criminal justice system. This can be an unnerving and overwhelming time for a person accused of a crime, and all cases and allegations against you should be taken seriously. A dedicated Florida criminal defense attorney will be there to fight for your rights and ensure that your constitutional rights have not been trampled in this process.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Florida, Thomas C. Grajek, Attorney at Law

Experienced criminal defense attorney, Thomas C. Grajek, has a mission of fighting hard on behalf of clients to ensure that their rights are protected in court. If you have recently been accused of a crime, your Florida criminal defense attorney will be there to advise you about what to anticipate in the case and can help you navigate the options presented to you at each point in time.

Practice Areas

Florida criminal defense attorney Thomas C. Grajek has extensive experience in representing people accused of all types of crimes in Florida, including misdemeanors and felonies. Some of the accused parties that he has represented have been accused of crimes, such as state felony, sexual assault, DUI, DUI boating, DUI manslaughter, probation violation, domestic violence, concealed weapons, white collar crimes, Lutz defense, disorderly conduct, child pornography, shoplifting, and expungement related issues.

You especially need support from a criminal defense lawyer in Florida if you have a previous criminal record as you could be facing more serious penalties in those cases. A criminal record of any type, including misdemeanors, can create a situation that follows you around for many years to come. Make sure you have considered the long-term consequences of what happens after you serve your time or other penalties. 

When to Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Florida?

The police will try to convince you that you might be able to cooperate with them and receive a better deal. However, until you have an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney at your side explaining to you what to anticipate and some of the most common pitfalls of people in similar situations, it can be very possible to make what seems like a small mistake that impacts your life forever. Your Florida criminal defense attorney should be brought into the case as soon as possible, ideally immediately after you are arrested. You are well within your rights to exercise your right to remain silent and not speak until you’ve had the opportunity to consult with a lawyer. In most cases it is recommended that you do exercise your right to remain silent until your lawyer is on the premises. Your attorney can help advise you about what you can and do not have to do in the process of moving through the arrest period and preparing for criminal hearings.

Why You Should Choose Thomas Grajek?

Having someone in your corner to fight hard for your rights and explore all possible avenues for your defense can make a big impact on the outcome of your case. Thomas Grajek brings aggressive defense, a dedication to protect your freedom and a personal commitment to his clients to the table to help you feel more confident about being in this unfortunate and sometimes confusing situation.

Florida Criminal Defense Attorney FAQ

What should I expect from a criminal defense attorney in Florida?

Your criminal defense lawyer in Florida should gather all of the facts about the crimes that you have been accused of, negotiate possibilities for plea deals or other alternative sentencing, and advise you about each phase of your case.

At what point should I hire a criminal defense attorney in Florida?

It is always in your best interest to retain a criminal defense lawyer in Florida as soon as possible after you have been accused. While you can exercise your right to speak to a criminal defense attorney in Florida at any point while your case is moving through the justice system, it is recommended that you have an experienced professional to help guide you through this process and help you avoid making mistakes that could cost you down the road.

What should I look for when hiring a criminal defense attorney in Florida?

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Florida should prompt you to do your research about his or her background to better understand their commitment to their clients and their experience in this particular type of law. The right criminal defense lawyer will be open to exploring all possible avenues for defending your rights and minimizing the potential consequences on the line. Your lawyer should also remain committed to keeping you updated in your case and maintaining open lines of communication as much as possible.