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Charged with a felony in Florida? Felony charges are serious! You need serious legal counsel to help you win your case. Felony defense lawyer Thomas Grajek helps people arrested on felony charges throughout Florida in Pasco, Polk, and Hillsborough County. If you’re facing serious charges like this, Grajek is the defense attorney you want on your side when it’s your day in Court.

Felony cases are heard in circuit courts, and a felony conviction is punishable by more than a year in prison. The severity of punishment for a felony conviction makes this a frightening and stressful experience.

Consequences of a Felony Crime in Florida

If convicted of felony charges, you could end up incarcerated in jail or a convicted felon for life. As a convicted felon, you stand to lose valuable civil rights such as the right to carry a firearm, weapon, or your right to vote.  However, with the passing of Amendment 4 in 2018, voting rights have been restored to some of those convicted of a felony upon completion of their sentence.

I have extensive experience defending clients against felony charges, and can help guide you through the process and stand up for your rights so you get the best results.

Do not let a Felony charge cause problems with your job, reputation, professional license, or future employment opportunities. Call me for help. I’m an experienced Tampa felony lawyer serving Hillsborough and Pasco County residents. You also need to know what you score out to on Florida Criminal Punishment Code Scoresheet, pursuant to the Florida Felony Offense Severity Ranking Chart.

I represent clients facing any and all felony charges. I have 15+ years of experience, and consultations are free.

Felony Charges My Law Firm Defends

Florida Sentencing Guidelines for Felony Charges

Felony charges can be complicated and confusing. The most common question people ask is “Am I going to prison? How much time am I facing?” The answer to those questions depends on your charge, the facts of your case, your prior record, and how many points you score under the Florida Sentencing Guidelines. Each felony charge in Florida is ranked from Level 1 through Level 10. The more serious the charge, the higher the level, and more points you are assessed.

You also receive points for Victim Injury, Sexual Contact, your prior record, and a number of other factors. If you score more than 44 points once the Scoresheet is completed, you will be scoring prison time under the Florida Sentencing Guidelines. This does not necessarily mean that you will be sentenced to prison time. Call and set your free office appointment in my Lakeland, Lutz or Tampa, Florida office so we can review your Florida Criminal Punishment Scoresheet (Page 1Page 2Page 3) explain the legal issues in your case, your potential defenses, strategy, and your legal options under the criminal justice system. A conviction for felonious charges carries heavy consequences.

I urge you to hire a felony attorney like me with experience and a proven track record of success defending clients in criminal court.

Punishment, Fines & Penalties for a Felony Conviction in Florida

Life Felony. A life felony is the most severe type of felony under Florida law. If you are convicted of a life felony, the minimum incarceration sentence is 30 years and the maximum possible sentences include life in prison or the death penalty. The fines for a life felony conviction are up to $15,000.

Examples of a life felony, also called a PBL in 921.0022 of Florida’s Felony Punishment Code, include

  • organized crime
  • capital murder
  • burglary with assault
  • armed burglary
  • burglary armed with explosives
  • accomplice to murder while committing another felony
  • kidnapping
  • false imprisonment
  • making, selling, using, or having a weapon of mass destruction
  • sexual battery of a child under 12
  • robbery with a firearm
  • carjacking with a firearm
  • identity fraud by a parent, custodian, or legal guardian of a minor
  • home invasion robbery with a firearm or deadly weapon
  • unintentional and intentional homicide

Contact our firm to schedule a consultation with defense attorney for life felony charges.

1st Degree Felony. A first degree felony is the second most serious type of felony charges in Florida, second only to a life felony. A 1st degree felony is punishable by a fine of up to $10,ooo and a prison sentence of up to 30 years.

Examples of a first degree felony include selling, distributing, or manufacturing cocaine within 1000 feet of a university, college, or public housing facility; car accident causing death; causing serious bodily harm or death; speeding while evading arrest of pursuant law enforcement; financial fraud and extortion when the amount stolen is > $50,000; aggravated battery on a police officer; aggravated battery on a sexually violent predators facility staff; aggravated battery of a person over 65; aggravated battery of a code inspector, government official or employee; human trafficking with coercion for labor and services; certain weapons violations specified under article 790.07 (1) or (2); discharging a machine gun; first or second conviction of living on the earnings of a prostitute; child molestation; lewd molestation; first degree grand theft; stealing property worth over $100,000; theft from a person over 65 years of age; organizing a burglary or theft and then trafficking stolen property; carjacking; communications fraud of something valued at over $50,000; falsifying property values to insurers or buyers that causes significant inability to repay debt; recruiting a child under 13 to join a gang; manufacturing, selling, or distributing cocaine; trafficking cannabis; trafficking cocaine; trafficking hydrocodone; trafficking oxycodone; trafficking methaqualone; trafficking meth amphetamines; trafficking flunitrazepam; trafficking gamma-hydroxybutyric acid aka GHB (date rape drug); aggravated fleeing after causing serious bodily injury; trafficking prescription drugs; forging prescriptions for drugs; attempted murder; vehicular homicide; human trafficking of a child; human trafficking using coercion for sex and soliciting prostitution; burglary of more than $50,000 in property; malicious damage to a dwelling or structure by explosives or fire knowing a person is inside; and much more.

2nd Degree Felony. A second degree felony is punishable by a prison sentence of up to 15 years and a fine of up to $10,000. Examples of a second degree felony include tampering with a consumer product with misleading information; computer fraud to obtain property; counterfeiting personal identification cards or state driver’s licenses; buying cocaine; stealing fuel or gasoline; bomb threats; possession of a sawed off shotgun or machine gun; felony in possession of a firearm; first offense of living off the earning of a prostitute; insurance fraud; ID fraud; trafficking counterfeit credit cards; possessing or promoting pornographic photographs, video, or other media material that includes sexual conduct of a child; child pornography; lewd exhibition while using a computer; selling cannabis; resisting arrest with violence; aggravated assault on law enforcement; and much more.

What happens when a employee of a government agency commits a felony? What are the penalties?

Pursuant to Florida Statute 112.3173, any public officer or employee (such as a clerk of the court, tax collector, school board, or police officer) who commits a felony, with the intent to defraud the public agency for which the public officer or employee acts, and then realizes or obtains, a profit or advantage for himself (or for some other person) through the use his power, rights, privileges, duties, or position of the public office he is employed by. A breach of public trust

Contact a Felony Defense Attorney in Florida Today

I take all my client’s cases seriously no matter the charge. Let me put my experience as a felony defense lawyer to work for you in court. I will aggressive litigate your case, file all the appropriate motions you are entitled to under the United States and Florida Constitution, whether it is a Motion to Suppress or a Motion to Dismiss. If necessary, I am ready to litigate your case, stand up for you at trial, and defend you zealously in court.

Each case is different and unique based upon the individual facts of your case. Call now or fill out an online contact form to set up your free consultation with an attorney for felony charges. I can answer any questions you may have regarding your criminal case. I represent clients in both Polk County & Hillsborough County criminal courts.



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Thomas Grajek is a great lawyer

After my husbands DUI, I met with a couple of lawyers but NONE were as attentive as Thomas Grajek. Thomas was able to beat the DUI charge that I thought would be impossible. Not only did he save us money, he also helped put our lives back. I would recommend Mr. Grajek to anyone in our situation. Thsnkd Tom!!!

Thomas Grajek is a great lawyer

Excellent Attorney....called this attorney on a Saturday. He was quick to call me back and even gave me free advice as to how to handle the situation we were in. We ended up hiring him best decision we made. Would recommend this attorney to anyone.

Thomas Grajek is a great lawyer

Got a DUI a few months ago and got Toms name from a friend of mine.. I am more then satisfied with the way he handled my case and the way he kept me informed the whole time.. I got off on reckless with a with hold which i am more then happy to have on my record then a dui... He's a very down to earth guy and definitely trys to relate to where ur comin from.. I would with no doubt recommend Tom to friends and family... Thanks Tom ur the best!!!!!!

Thomas Grajek is a great lawyer

Great DUI Lawyer!! He got my DUI dropped to a reckless driving charge!! definitely went above and beyond for my case!!!He is very easily accessible and always promptly returned my phone calls/emails.

Thomas Grajek is a great lawyer

I have just moved to the Tampa area. I was intoduced to Tom after being arrested for a DUI. Within minutes of being bonded out Tom came to my place of employment with all needed documents to "get the ball rolling". He always kept me informed on my case and when the time came for my hearing, I plead guilty to wreckless and had no fines and very little commuity service. Thomas Grajek is a great attorney and I feel he would be a valuable assett in anyone's defense.