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Recovering from a personal injury can be a lengthy and difficult process. 

In many instances, your body is not the only thing that suffers as the result of a personal injury. Your finances, work life, and plans for the future can also be severely affected as the result of a personal injury.

Thankfully, you don’t have to face all of these difficulties alone. With the assistance of the right personal injury attorney, you can focus on your bodily recovery while a trusted legal expert ensures that you are being justly compensated for your injuries.

Kinds Of Injuries Sustained In Personal Injury Accidents

A successful personal injury claim relies on the ability to prove that another party was somehow liable for your injuries.

If another party can be shown to be liable for your injuries, they will be legally required to compensate you for your injury.

Compensation for personal injury claims can include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy

Personal injury claims are often the result of reckless or negligent behavior on the part of another person or property owner. A personal injury can result from both the action or inaction of a person. 

For example, if a property owner fails to maintain proper upkeep on their property and you suffer a slip and fall or other type of injury related to the premises, the property owner’s negligence may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit to compensate you for the injuries suffered on their property.

When To Get Help From A Personal Injury Attorney In Dade City, Florida

Any time you suffer a serious injury which you believe another party may be liable for, you should seek help from a personal injury attorney immediately.

There is a nearly endless variety of circumstances which can result in a personal injury claim. Ultimately, the only person who can decide if a personal injury claim is valid is a judge in a court of law.

However, a personal injury attorney will have a keen sense and a learned opinion on what makes a viable personal injury claim.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury and believe you may have a claim, it’s a good idea to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney.

Personal injury lawyers often work on a commission basis, which allows you to pay nothing out of pocket. The attorney will collect their fees from the final judgement or settlement at the end of the suit.

That means you have nothing to lose by scheduling a consultation to find out if your claim is worth pursuing.

Understand The Common Types Of Personal Injury Claims

Although there are a virtually unlimited number of situations which could theoretically result in a personal injury claim, the vast majority of personal injury claims can be grouped into a few simple categories.

Understanding the types of accidents and incidents which result in personal injury claims is important for everyone. Many people suffer injuries without even knowing that another party may be liable for their injuries.

Once you know the most common types of injuries which lead to personal injury lawsuits, you’ll be much better prepared to assess if you have a valid claim or not should you suffer an injury some time in the future.

Here are the most common types of personal injuries which result in a personal injury claim:

While these are the most common and general types of personal injury claim, the scope of personal injury law is very wide. If you believe you may have a claim, schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer who can help you assess your case and determine if you have a claim worth pursuing.

Florida Is A No Fault State

Florida’s laws for motor vehicle drivers include a no fault clause where parties who cause accidents are usually covered by their mandatory automotive insurance policy.

While these insurance laws prevent a large number of claims from reaching the courtroom, they do not necessarily mean that you never have a claim from a personal injury resulting from an automobile accident.

Types of injuries which are considered severe under Florida law can be grounds for a personal injury claim. If the injury is severe enough, it is excluded from Florida’s No Fault laws.

Severe injuries could include injuries which cause permanent disability, render a person unable to work, affect their cognition and mental functioning, or otherwise severely impact their day to day life.

If you believe you have a personal injury claim resulting from an automobile accident but are concerned about No Fault Laws, contact a personal injury attorney for a free consultation to see if these laws apply to your case.

Fight For Your Rights With A Personal Injury Attorney In Dade City

You never know what life is going to throw at you. Personal injuries are unpredictable and potentially devastating.

It’s a good idea to always have someone in your corner. As a citizen of Florida and of the United States, you have the right to quality legal representation in all matters. You have the right to be justly compensated for any injuries you suffer as the result of another person’s action or inaction. 

Have someone fighting for your rights who won’t let you down. Hire a personal injury attorney local to Dade City who will be familiar with all of the local statutes and precedents and can help you navigate the legal system on both a micro- and macro-level.

Consult With A Personal Injury Attorney In Dade City 

A single personal injury can upset the course of your entire life. But you don’t have to let it.

With the assistance of a capable personal injury attorney, you can put the legal matters on the backburner and allow your mind to focus on the more pressing concerns of your everyday life.

Without a personal injury attorney, you may be left footing the bill for things you should never have to pay for and spending countless hours nursing headaches from trying to navigate your way through the legal system.

Schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Dade City today! Take advantage of a free consultation to get a legal perspective on your claim.

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Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ’s

How long does a personal injury claim take?

Depending on the type of claim and how much resistance you encounter in court, personal injury claims can take anywhere from weeks to years to reach a judgement or settlement.

How do I prove negligence in a personal injury case?

To prove negligence, you will need to present evidence which clearly demonstrates that the other party behaved negligently in their duties in a manner which resulted in your injury. This might include witness testimony, physical or photographic evidence, expert testimony, and other forms of admissible evidence.

What factors affect the settlement in my Florida personal injury case?

Factors affecting your settlement can include the severity of your injury, if the injury caused you to miss work or lose other opportunities to earn money, the nature of the other parties negligence which resulted in the injury, and a wide variety of other factors.