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Are you located in Citrus Park, Florida and are concerned about what your next steps to take in a legal case? An experienced criminal defense attorney or personal injury lawyer should be contacted immediately so that you can have the maximum options available to you.

A law firm in Citrus Park can become an important component of your overall case. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, a personal injury lawyer in Citrus Park can help you to file your case in a timely manner and fight for compensation. If you’ve been accused of any crime, a criminal lawyer in Citrus Park can step in to evaluate defense strategies immediately.

Looking for an Attorney in Citrus Park, Florida?

Criminal defense attorney and personal injury lawyer, Thomas C. Grajek, has law offices not just in Citrus Park but across Florida, including Pasco, Polk, Lutz, Lakeland and Tampa, if you have questions about your case that should be answered in a prompt manner by your chosen lawyer.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Citrus Park, Florida

A criminal defense lawyer in Citrus Park, Florida is key to understanding the charges you are facing. Attorney, Thomas C. Grajek has experience as a Citrus Park personal injury lawyer experienced with probation violation allegations, misdemeanors, felony charges, drug charges, DUI and more. Since a DUI or any other criminal charge can follow you for years to come, schedule a consultation with a Florida criminal defense attorney who cares.

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Citrus Park, Florida

Personal injury cases include those claims arguing that another person is responsible for the injuries you have sustained. The importance of retaining a personal injury attorney cannot be overstated. You have a minimum period of time in which to file a lawsuit and a Citrus Park personal injury lawyer should be hired immediately to give you the best possible chance of recovering compensation.

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Get a Free Consultation from an Attorney in Citrus Park, Florida

You can get a consultation free of charge for either criminal defense or personal injury at our law firm. Our Citrus Park criminal defense lawyers are here to assist you with your case no matter when you’re arrested.

Citrus Park Attorney FAQs 

When do I need a criminal defense lawyer?

When you are under investigation for a crime or if you have already been arrested, you need the support of an experienced Citrus Park criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and look for opportunities to resolve the case right away.

Do I have to get a defense attorney for DUI charges in Citrus Park?

DUI charges could lead to a conviction, penalties, fines or even limitations on your driving privileges. Because of how this could impact your ability to go back to work or live your life, you need a defense attorney immediately.

What are the advantages of getting a personal injury attorney in Citrus Park?

A personal injury lawyer in Citrus Park is someone who can help you avoid many of the most common mistakes made by victims in personal injury accidents. You deserve to have someone fighting hard for compensation on your behalf.