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Being accused of a criminal offense is a serious matter. If you’re in Bradenton facing charges for a crime, you’ll need a capable defense attorney within the area to handle your case. Having a good criminal defense attorney is halfway through freedom, less fines and most importantly, a reputation kept clean. There are several advantages that come with having your own legal counsel that can strategize and mobilize resources to build your defense. We discuss that in the next section. 

Benefits of Getting a Criminal Defense Attorney in Bradenton

Apart from the ultimate goal of getting freedom, there are several other benefits of getting a competent criminal defense attorney in Bradenton, FL. They include:

  • A local legal expert understands how court proceedings run in Bradenton, giving your camp a boost in confidence.
  • Your attorney can do the paperwork for you.
  • You can also take advantage of the attorney’s resources and connections in mounting a defense, gathering facts/evidence, witnesses and general running of the case. 

Hire a Bradenton Criminal Defense Attorney via Thomas C. Grajek

Thomas C Grajek is one of the most competent, proven and effective experts when it comes to criminal defense. He is well experienced in several practice areas that cover your sphere. 

Thomas C. Grajek’s Credentials and Qualifications

Thomas Grajek is one of the most established attorneys. In case you are looking for a Defense Attorney in Bradenton, FL, he is the man! Thomas graduated from the State University of New York with a degree in Business Administration. He later attended the State University of New York School of Law, graduating in 1993. He immediately passed both the Florida and New York Bar and was inducted to practice law in both states. Upon admission to the Florida bar, he moved to Merritt Island where his career as a criminal defense attorney started. He worked with the Law Office of Daniel Ciener where the practice was fully committed to criminal defense cases. After gaining valuable experience and knowledge on how to prepare and try a case from Mr. Ciener, Thomas moved to the Tampa area in Florida where he continued practising his legal career

Thomas has dedicated his entire legal career to criminal defense, he doesn’t handle personal injury or divorce cases. He only represents arrested individuals in defense cases. In addition, Mr. Grajek is an esteemed member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys as well as Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. He also makes significant efforts to stay updated of the latest case laws and changes. He does so by subscribing to the most established law publishing company. He is, therefore, in a position to use the most recent appellate decisions and changes to benefit your case. Given his many years of experience, Thomas gives you a better idea of what is involved in criminal cases. 


  • State University of New York, Business Administration, Concentration in Finance, 1990. 
  • New York State University, Buffalo School of Law, 1993.
  • Member of the New York Bar, admitted 1994. 
  • Member of the Florida Bar, admitted 1994.
  • Inducted to all Florida State Courts.
  • Inducted to the US District Court, Middle District of Florida. 
  • Former Criminal Defense Attorney for the State of Florida. 

Criminal Cases Defended

Felonies: In the USA, a felony is understood to be a crime more serious in nature. When it comes to criminal law, felonies are a category of crimes that are classified as the most serious offenses. They can be either nonviolent or violent. In the US, each state has its own punishment for these crimes. In most cases, however, they are generally punished by imprisonment for more than one year if found guilty. Of course, Mr Thomas C. Grajek does everything within his power to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

Misdemeanors: A misdemeanor is a form of criminal offense that is considered to be less serious than a felony. It is, however, more serious than an infraction. They are generally punished through fines and incarceration in county jail. A good number of jurisdictions in the US separate misdemeanors into three different classes: gross or high misdemeanors, ordinary misdemeanors and petty misdemeanors. In most cases, petty misdemeanors are punished by less than six months jail sentence and a fine of $500. 

Drug Charges: A drug charge refers to use, possession, furnishing or sale of drug or intoxicating substance that is illegal in the US. In normal circumstances, most drug offenses are felonies. Penalties for drug crimes can be very severe in the US. Charges are based on quantity as well as the intent to distribute or sell. A couple of other factors like evidence of sales activity, weapon possession or tangible evidence can lead to harsher penalties. Again, we will do everything within our limits to ensure such levels aren’t reached. 

DUI charges: This is commonly known as drunk driving. It basically refers to operating a car while you are allegedly intoxicated or your blood contains higher alcohol levels than the legal limit set by the State. This is the level believed that beyond it, a driver cannot drive safely. The state statutes vary from state to state, but it mostly ranges from .08 to .10. Normally, driving on a private property is no defense. It is a form of misdemeanor that is referred to as drunk driving, deuce or driving while intoxicated. 

Domestic violence: Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by a partner to maintain or gain control over another intimate partner. There are several types of abuse included in domestic violence, they include: punching, shoving, cutting, pulling hair, burning or any other form of violent behavior inflicted on the victim. 

Recent Case Results

In his recent cases, Thomas C. Grajek had very impressive results. Below is a breakdown: 

  • Resulted with reduced sentencing. A good number of his cases got reduced sentencing that is affordable and manageable by the accused.
  • Got the charges dismissed/dropped: He was able to get some charges dismissed or entirely dropped.
  • Not guilty judgment: In some of his cases, he got the not guilty judgement. 

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FAQ’s on hiring a professional Bradenton criminal defense attorney


How serious are domestic violence charges in Bradenton, Manatee County?

Domestic violence cases in Bradenton are not that common. In the last year, statistics show that around 153 cases were reported in the entire country. This is an average number but still worrying.

What kind of Cases do Criminal Defense Attorneys Handle?

Criminal defense attorneys handle various cases, they could be criminal or misdemeanor. They basically handle cases where an individual has been accused of crime. 

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Bradenton Criminal Defense a Attorney?

Bradenton attorneys know the people and tactics to navigate legal systems. They possess extensive knowledge of the legal system and most importantly, they have the right resources to handle cases effectively.