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Is a Minor in Possession a Misdemeanour?

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has stated that most teens will consume alcohol by age 15. The percentage increases to 70 by the age of 18. Every year nearly 5,000 minor drinkers die, and more than 190,000 are injured from alcohol-related accidents. Across the US, the possession of alcohol for minors has […]

The Right Car Seat for Your Child

Car crashes kill or injure thousands of people every year. It’s your job as a parent to keep your kids safe in your vehicle, and one of the ways to do this is to buy the right children’s car seat. It’s crucial to learn about these and how to install them even before your baby […]

Treason in the Constitution

You need to have your facts straight and immediately react if you are charged with treason against the United States. Treason is not an ordinary felony or misdemeanor, and there are very serious consequences if you should be convicted of this crime.  It’s in your best interest to contact your attorney immediately for urgent advice. […]

Florida Gun Laws

Many people want to own a firearm.  Safewise’s stats for 2020 have indicated that 56% of the population worries about crime. The projected statistics are a whole 10% higher than that of the national average.  Six percent of the local population has been affected by mass shootings. Also, 26% of Florida residents had illegal trespassers […]

Joint Injury Symptoms

Usually, when you have been involved in an accident, your injuries will be obvious to you and others. But as strange as it may seem this is not always the case. Joint injuries are sometimes trickier to detect. Yet these injuries can still turn out to be serious. Your joints are highly susceptible to developing […]

Negligent Security Attorney

A Florida negligent security attorney could be an important person for you to contact in premises liability cases if you have been hurt or suffered damages because of a lax or nonexistent security protocol. A negligent security attorney in Florida can be an important component of your legal protection strategy. In premises liability cases in […]

Signs of Whiplash

Every day, thousands of people across the country are involved in accidents. They are certainly common, but these incidents are not to be taken lightly. Many of them have serious consequences At their worst, car accidents, can be the start of huge problems in somebody´s life, they can lead to: Deaths Injuries that leave you […]

Probation Vs. Parole in Florida

In the state of Florida, as elsewhere in the USA, each criminal charge attracts a specific range of potential penalties. Understanding what they are for the offense you are being charged with is important. Probation or parole are amongst the range of penalties that the court and justice system can impose. Many people think that […]