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Justin Bieber field sobriety tests video released
Posted by: Thomas Grajek  | On 15th March, 2014

Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest in Florida is still ongoing.  Recently, the video of him performing Field Sobriety Exercises (FSE’s) was released to the public.  These are standardized tasks developed by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA) that DUI officers use to develop probably cause for a suspected driver’s arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).  NHTSA publishes a manual describing in detail how the exercises are supposed to be instructed, performed by the suspect, and evaluated by the officer.

Recently, the manual was updated to a more “picture” instruction format instead of the traditional detailed text instructions.  This is an attempt to make it more difficult for DUI defense attorneys to impeach an officer during a DUI trial to prove he did not administer the FSE’s correctly or grade the suspected driver in accordance with the NHTSA guidelines.  This strategy will not work as it will make the arresting officer unable to properly answer questions under cross-examination, especially if the officer was never trained under the previous versions of the manual.  As a DUI defense lawyer and member of the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD), I have copies of every NHTSA manual  including the instructor and student manual.  If you have been arrested for DUI, it is extremely important that the DUI lawyer you retain has the tools necessary to defend you against this crime.

To see a part Justin Bieber’s video performing the Walk and Turn exercise at the jail, click on this link:

If you have been arrested for DUI, retain an attorney that is a member of the DUI defense college and has the experience and tools to defend and fight for you in court.

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Thomas Grajek is a great lawyer

After my husbands DUI, I met with a couple of lawyers but NONE were as attentive as Thomas Grajek. Thomas was able to beat the DUI charge that I thought would be impossible. Not only did he save us money, he also helped put our lives back. I would recommend Mr. Grajek to anyone in our situation. Thsnkd Tom!!!

Thomas Grajek is a great lawyer

Excellent Attorney....called this attorney on a Saturday. He was quick to call me back and even gave me free advice as to how to handle the situation we were in. We ended up hiring him best decision we made. Would recommend this attorney to anyone.

Thomas Grajek is a great lawyer

Got a DUI a few months ago and got Toms name from a friend of mine.. I am more then satisfied with the way he handled my case and the way he kept me informed the whole time.. I got off on reckless with a with hold which i am more then happy to have on my record then a dui... He's a very down to earth guy and definitely trys to relate to where ur comin from.. I would with no doubt recommend Tom to friends and family... Thanks Tom ur the best!!!!!!

Thomas Grajek is a great lawyer

Great DUI Lawyer!! He got my DUI dropped to a reckless driving charge!! definitely went above and beyond for my case!!!He is very easily accessible and always promptly returned my phone calls/emails.

Thomas Grajek is a great lawyer

I have just moved to the Tampa area. I was intoduced to Tom after being arrested for a DUI. Within minutes of being bonded out Tom came to my place of employment with all needed documents to "get the ball rolling". He always kept me informed on my case and when the time came for my hearing, I plead guilty to wreckless and had no fines and very little commuity service. Thomas Grajek is a great attorney and I feel he would be a valuable assett in anyone's defense.